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Dealing with Coworker Troubles After a Work-Related Injury Lawsuit

Most people feel safe at work, but the sad reality is that personal injuries can happen anywhere, even in a city like Kitchener. A construction worker was injured badly when his leg was wedged against a pipe at the Grand Link construction site at Borden Avenue South and Nyberg Street. It can happen to anyone at any time, and you need to contact a local Kitchener personal injury lawyer if it does happen to you. After the accident is over and you’re back to work, though, you may find yourself facing some trouble from your coworkers. What should you do when you’re getting treated poorly because of your work-related injury?

Understand Your Rights

No matter what type of treatment you are facing, you need to understand your rights. You should be working closely with Kitchener personal injury lawyers during the process of your claim. You should ask your lawyer to help you understand exactly what you can do if you are facing workplace harassment or tension after your accident. It’s very important for you to educate yourself so that you don’t have to worry about anybody taking advantage of you at the workplace. The more you know, the better you will understand what actions you can take.

Try to Collect Evidence of Everything

If you are facing serious workplace harassment, it is important that you collect evidence of everything you can. You won’t be able to do anything even with the best personal injury lawyer Kitchener has to offer if you have no evidence. It is not entirely uncommon to face workplace troubles after an injury lawsuit, so you shouldn’t let it slide. Just be vigilant and get evidence of anything you possibly can. This way, you can build a case and at least have a hope of stopping the harassment or tension within the workplace.